Yes, aliothless.

Yes, the Vayupocalypse has started, brace yourself for impact and get ready to get either a good or bad ending depending on your actions.

Yes, aliothless.
Yes son, you're now, in fact, aliothless.

I'll keep this short and sweet since the header already explains this blog post, mostly.

The general advisory is:

If you want to upgrade to MIUI 13 or flash anything based on it, don't do it for the time being, at least until Xiaomi gives a clear clarification about this issue.

Unless of course, you like having a non-functioning device, then feel free to wander on.

The hentaiOS/helluvaOS advisory is:

Don't jump ship from hentaiOS/helluvaOS to MIUI 13 and if you insist, don't @ us. You have been warned. If you get a hard-brick, don't blame us, we aren't MIUI Developers in disguise nor have we infiltrated MIUI HQ and pushed a button that made your device bricked. It's all on you if you flash MIUI 13.


Moreover, to further clarify the rumors that we're the cause of these hard-bricked phones, well, if you consider the fact that people who upgraded from MIUI 12.5 to MIUI 13, people who reported their devices were hard-bricked during normal use, and users who reported this have always stayed on stock firmware and still got hard-bricked devices, because "people who are trying to get away from hentaiOS". I guess we should congratulate ourselves and wait for Xiaomi to acquire our project as MIUI base.