Going Hell Web Service

Going Hell Web Service
You have fucking Uno.

Have you wondered why we have recently gone a bit funky and a bit monkey? Well, we have Blue Archive and a new stack of Hell Web Service, and I'm not Jeff Bezos in disguise.

Going Funky with Firewall, and a Railgun.

As the last week's incident, we now have another layer of firewall, yes, another one as we already have 2 existing physical firewalls appliances and one virtual firewall appliance.

Now, we have another virtual firewall appliance of the firewall to make sure that all deliveries are going to le good. If there is a Threat Actor that wishes to disrupt our cute and funnies deliveries again.

Our current firewalling solutions currently consist of Cloudflare, Snort, Suricata, Wazuh, CrowdSec, and the latest new addition, Juniper vSRX, Long Live Railguns.

Going Monkey with S3

Have you heard about the hit game Among Us? This is that, but, on a worse scale.

To start with, S3, or Simple Storage Service, is made to bless our souls with a flexible storage solution that can go funky or monkey depending on how you configure it and how you, expose it to your partners, or the world depending on the configuration.

You surely had heard a lot of S3 leak news recently, that's how you go monkey, but we have no plan to follow their trails, so our bucket is private and the links are pre-resigned and generated on-demand. properly ACL'd.


Kalammar, our Omnibus of everything Oneshota, has gone through a lot, and we have fixed multiple pitfalls in the Attestation function.

Go and Rust, everything.

We also started refactoring and rewriting most of our services and tasks to Golang and Rust and combining multiple connected services into Omnibuses (yes, more Kallamars), making everything integrated rather than shaped in a microservices nightmare.

Probably considering Monorepo, but well

Amogus Sus.

Credo in amogum et impostres suspectos, Quo fugiam ab eerum spiritbus.