Moving One Step Forward and Two Back.

Kinda moving forward.

Moving One Step Forward and Two Back.

Well, I have to write this before I go back to writing the Mid-January changelog. This will be your (Xiaomeme Fed) boring public apology letter.

Dear readers,

Good day.
At hentaiOS/helluvaOS the cornerstone of our mission or our ethos, if you may, is the concept that people should have a better user experience with their devices. We don't say this because it sounds nice, but we sincerely mean it. This concept and goal is what everyone that works in hentaiOS and helluvaOS works towards.

The word accusation is the opposite of approval, and its existence in our previous blog-posts jeopardised this core mission. We had accused the Xiaomeme Federation of intentionally committing a scam, and for this, I'm sorry. We take full responsibility for any pain or frustration that this has caused. We will not only make it right; we will also work to set an example for others to follow.

Thanks for your trust in our Product.


The hentaiOS / helluvaOS Team.