Rebuttal to Xiaomeme, not you guys ... Again!

Surprisingly they responded!

Rebuttal to Xiaomeme, not you guys ... Again!
Surprisingly they responded.

To the communities surprise and mine, the Xiaomeme Federation made a response to my previous blog post. A surprise because of their authoritarian nature.

Here's our rebuttal to their response.

The "another PDF"

You haven't learned from your previous PDF case, huh?

Remember that forwarded messages within screenshots (without context) won't make your statement credible. Our blog post cited all the sources for the statements made and screenshots. If the hyperlinked links in the captions are gone, they were purged, that's the only possible explanation.

Pink Text

Dropping support for alioth(in).

A while back, we did a social experiment i.e. to drop support for the alioth(in) variant (Mi 11x). It was solely done to gauge the sensitivity of the Indian userbase and at that time the alioth(in) userbase was indeed on the smaller end of the spectrum. It is easier to take cheap shots at us, without knowing the complete backstory or the full context. Here's the full context, fyi.

The aliothin drop

The other reason for dropping support to the alioth(in) variant was because Iron (Xiaomeme Admin) had restricted my media permission within the official alioth group. This stopped me from being able to push any releases to the group, unfortunately.

The TWRP development, Vasi's inability to work with Dual-Layer Keymaster 4.1

In the Federations second statement, they made it look like we developed our ROM in such a manner that TWRP couldn't decrypt it (encryption is to protect the end-user i.e. you the user/reader). Also, this is the same mechanism used by Google in their Pixel line up.

This sounds like something new.
Our statement inside Facility (our internal test facility in regards to our Dual-Layer Keymaster use)

The Android 12 TWRP


The "Transparency" and how a PDF report made a difference

In our initial post we made it abundantly clear that no one provides an accounting report in PDF format. It's much easier to maintain a Google Sheet, share the URL so that it is updated real-time, and everyone including the backers know clearly about every entry and penny deposited.

They failed.

A screenshot to show how funds received in excess were refunded, raises more questions and doubts. Were there others that deposited in excess as well, whose records are now erased and gone forever?

We have done numerous crowd-funding's for different devices

This statement has nothing to do with the irregular crowd-funding that has taken place NOW. Our blog post is purely written in regards to the alioth crowd-funding and the alioth community management in general.

Fun fact: Haydn crowd-funding was anonymous, fyi.

User-bot, and Paper-plane?

The Paper-plane user bot is already abandoned, and I am strongly against sudo-ers. The sudo feature was written by Baalajimaestro, the user bot owner, to begin with.

Seeing the response from Abhishek in regards to this commit

"she isn't related"
Offending archived commit

This commit was intentionally planted to muddle the truth and doesn't change the fact that I wasn't the one who wrote it, to begin with, nor was I involved in writing of the sudo-ers functionality within Paper-plane.

"I won't bother but you indirectly made one" This is written in Operators (Maintainers) Chat


Violet was at one time our "Lab Rat" device. Every experiment we conduct and all the work we do on hentaiOS works through trial and error. This directly translates to our work today, and how we understand everything better. We research, learn, and develop our product and this requires how to work with a production device. Moreover, at least we do use the device, and don't let it collect dust like the Mi 11X that was crowd-funded by the Federation, but who am I to say?

"Sold his crowdfund device"? and "I almost paid the second"

Violet paid builds have long been stopped, this was just pulled out of the blue to again distort the facts and move away from the current fiasco at hand. Furthermore, just to clarify, since you guys like to play the blame game, Dyne pretty much paid for his second device, as per his statement, so ... ?

Derogatory hashtag?

We have "hentaiOS" as our brand name, this is by choice and design and we like to keep our brand consistent. We know our work well and aren't in the industry to please others.

"Planning to rig"

The entire article was written so that you (Xiaomeme Admins) could reflect that you f'ed your initial crowd-funding colossally. We don't give a fuck, we don't get the device neither do we have anything to gain from it. Even if we don't highlight the issue of the failed crowd-funding, if the Federation brings Utsav in to the equation, he'll win it, as he has DONE REAL WORK on Alioth, unlike whoever got the device before him.

Even your own people have more common sense than you.

"But in other news an anonymous worker"

Do you know that I'm also an anonymous worker and we aren't the same entity? What a surprisingly stupid note.

"Lastly, as we all know Hentai has been banned from XDA for unknown reasons."

LMAO, we were banned over our branding, here, what a surprise. Good job monkeys.

Yes, we're banned over our branding, how surprising is that?

Reaching the peak, the Xiaomeme way to respond to our blogpost.